Dean Quigley

Another example of modern artwork found in Saint Augustine are the works by Dean Quigley, a painter of past historical events of Florida, Florida landscapes, architecture, and is a man of unique artistic capabilities and a good friend of the author of this entry.  Dean Quigley, a native Floridian, received a bachelors degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design and studied archaeology at Armstrong State College and is famous the sale of his prints of Florida Landscapes framed along side of archaeological artifacts.  Similar to the works of Laura Woodward, Dean Quigley has prided himself on painting what he considers the “real” Florida, an environment dominated by tropical vegetation, swamps, rivers and most importantly historical scenes of native people such as the Timucua, Calusa, Ais, and Tocobaga indians interacting with early European explorers during the 16th century.



Author: Lorenzo Deagle, Flagler College

Reference Matter: Quigley Biography provided at purchase.

Contact Information:


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